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I am passionate about education of the underprivileged on an international level. Through girls' education and empowerment, we can not only decrease the poverty level but also decrease the number of children categorized as orphans, meaning parents will live longer and be more financially able. The best solution to a problem is a solution that stops the root of the problem. Then, for the children who are orphaned due to tragedy and the adults with a heart for adoption, I hope to provide truthful information regarding the adoption process, as I am one of those adults. School reform is a constant not a present crisis. The post secondary education system in the United States is internationally regarded as highly effective, yet often is not publicly praised by media or politicians. Continually criticized is the public K-12 system. Perception can lead to reality, so it is my purpose to not only help research, develop, and implement necessary reforms in education, but also to change faulty perception. In addition, I purpose to help developing nations build sound education systems to improve health and security for future generations. Education is a key that opens doors. The door then open, is open for posterity. In order to pay the for the volunteer work I do, I plan weddings. I am a Do-It-Yourselfer, but particularly love weddings, always have. My friends have asked for my help with their weddings, as all friends do, but I actually believe I've been invited to weddings just so that I would help. And I don't mind . . . I love tulle and buttercream!

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