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Get the Raleigh sensation that is sweeping the nation as a personalized wedding party gift for your bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law or any woman on your gift list this spring.  Moon and Lola is a Raleigh designer that was featured in Real Simple last month.  You can order her acrylic monogram necklaces on her website or go to Charlotte’s in Cameron Village or North Hills to see the colors and fonts for yourself.


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Charlotte's Cameron Village February 23 5-7

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A printed or patterned fabric dress does not scream bridesmaid to me, but isn’t that what budget-conscious bridesmaids are screaming?  No more dresses that I can’t wear again! In this case, it’s a do.  With so many awesome cocktail dresses in holiday colors galore, why not mix it up even more and have different colors, different patterns, different sillouettes, but all coordinated with your wedding colors.  Photos will look more natural but still aesthetic.

The Blues Sisters

Carmen Marc Valvo’s peacock frock, ML Abstract floral, J. Crew navy cap sleeve, and Jones NY make a cool quartet.




J. Crew



Seeing red this holiday season?


Banana Republic


Ann Klein


White House Black Market


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These ditties are from Anthropologie:

Taylor Swift owns this one. Flattering on hourglass shapes and structured top is supportive.

Gorgeous dress for engagement party or rehearsal dinner. Tint is gray so will look good on people with cool skin tones.

The lack of structure causes this dress to show everything. If you've got it, flaunt it.

Boho bride

Boho bride or with a long sweater and leggings for holiday party.


Banana Republic more your style?

Great color for warm skin tones.

Classy, shimmery, feminine: perfect for a winter rehearsal dinner.

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Fill a basket with the wonderful scents of autumn for your bridesmaids, mother-in-law, pianist, soloists, readers, hostesses, attendants, coordinator, or anyone else that deserves a thank you.  Fill the bottom of the basket with crumpled construction paper to form a malleable stand for your gifts,  tie gifts tags with sayings around each product, arrange with larger products in back and smallest in front, then sprinkle shredded tissue paper into pockets and around bottoms of products, and finish with a bow on the handle or front of the basket.

product from bath and body works

Pumpkin is a natural exfoliant.

  • Spa Renewing Face Mask with Pumpkin at $13 @ Bath and Body Works  or  Pumpkin Facial Mask by Rainwater Botanicals $5 “Your friendship renews me.”
  • Walnut Shell Footscrub $6 at Bath and Body Works “Thanks for standing with me.”
  • Warm Autumn Apple lotion Bath and Body Works “You warm my heart.”
  • Harvest Spice body scrub by Philosophy can be found at Ulta $16 “Love is the spice of life.”
  • L’Oreal Lipcolour in Candy Apple $3 at Target, or Philosophy $5 at Ulta “You are a sweet friend.”
  • Cranberry and Pomegranate Sugar Scrub by Burt’s Bees $8 Ulta and Target “I couldn’t bee more grateful for you.” And if you’re a local bride, this is great because Burt’s Bees is a North Carolina product.
burts bees product

Made in North Carolina

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Step 1. Buy ribbon

Step 2. Cut a 2 inch ring out of cardboard. I used 18 inch as outer rim. You can also buy a straw or foam circle from craft stores to use.

Step 3. Cut ribbon into 16″-18″ strips. Test one ribbon to make sure this will work for your ring.

Step 4. Tie ribbon into double knots placing knots in different sections of the ring.

Step 5 – add a big bow

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If you’re looking to save money, friends and family will be glad to help.  However, you don’t want to stress and you don’t want your loved ones stressed out at the wedding either.  Think about it this way, anything that needs to be done the day of the wedding should not be done by you or your wedding party.  You and they need to be getting ready.  Also, somethings are just to important and need a professional.  Here’s my advice.
To hire:
Florist – unless you use silk, then you can make ahead of time
DJ – not only for the music but as the director of the reception
Pastor or Officiant
Tailor -if needed
To find volunteers:
Cake cutting – or ask the caterer to throw this in for free
Videographer – who really watches their wedding video anyway? J/K
Decorating reception hall
Driving bride and groom from church to reception
Tying ties and pinning corsages/bouts – if you hire a florist, he/she may do this for you
Take presents to car
Usher/Hostess pass out programs, greet guests, pass messages from officiant to bride, pass out bubbles
Six months in advance you can
Reserve ceremony site, dressing room and reception hall
Plan and reserve honeymoon
Send Save-The-Date cards
Shop for trausseur
Prepare invitations
Register on-line
Two months before
Create reception centerpieces (not fresh flowers though)
Send Invitations
Put together OOT bags
Buy wedding party gifts
Make favors
Two weeks before
Make-up trial run so you can buy new colors to match your present skin tone
Pack for honeymoon
6 days before
Mini facial
Manicure (do clear)
That day
Clear coat nails
Get dressed
Get your flowers
Pics with loved ones
Thank yous
Photo albums
Adjust to married life

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