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Here is a very easy craft and a fun way to display your wedding cards.  Afterall, your wedding cards will be full of important advice that you’ll want to remember your first year of marriage.  They say the first year is the hardest.  I don’t know, because I’ve only been married a year.  :o)  Hang this on an interior door or wall.

You could also use this to display table number cards, photos, or favors (if the favors are a piece of paper), or Christmas cards.

Step 1. buy mini clothes pins, 14" hoop, and ribbon for bow.

Optional step. Cut ribbon to size of pin and glue on to top of pin.

glueing pins onto hoop on a plastic surface

Step 2. Use wood glue to attach pins 1" apart on hoop. Have 1/3 facing in and 2/3 facing out.


Step 3. Allow glue to dry. Then use 3 feet of ribbon to tie a bow at top of hoop.



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