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two purple orchids on green leaf with vase behind

centerpieces for guest tables at my beach wedding in Florida

Centerpieces are the make it or break it when it comes to a budget and to tell you the truth it means little to a guest.  If there is a centerpiece means more than what the centerpiece is.

Cheap, do it ahead, modern beach wedding centerpiece

1. round mirror

2.  add a silk tropical flat 6″ or larger leaf to the middle of mirror

3.  round vase with sand, seashells, and candle

4. add silk tropical flowers and seashells around vase

5.  small votives with white candles

Winter DIY ahead of time centerpiece

1.  Round mirror

2.  tall glass vase with tree limbs spray painted white

3.  Hang silver icecycle and dove ornaments from tree limbs

4.  5 votives with white candles surrounding vase

Here’s a design from one of my good friend’s traditional beach wedding that I did the day before her wedding.

1.  Tiffany blue satin circle serged around the outside

2.  Medium glass vase with 6 white roses

3.  3 small voties with ivory candles

4.  spread sand and sea shells around the vases heavy at first and thinning as you get to the edge of the fabric

take the floral arrangement away for a flat centerpiece


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