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Carmel Apples

Get your girls together and tell each of them to bring their favorite flurrie topping.  Do your shopping as close to the favor making day as possible so apples are fresh.  Buy firm apples (Granny Smiths work well) 1 apple per wedding guest (obviously), 3 ounces caramel candies per apple, and one wooden candy stick per apple (popsicle sticks work fine).  After apples set you will need one cellophane bag and about 25″ ribbon per apple.  Before the gals arrive, set up stations, each with a large freezer bag, wooden spoon, 2 greased aluminum pie pans, cardstock tags (divide number of wedding guests by number of girls coming), and a marker.  Wash and dry apples.

As the gals arrive, have them choose a station and write their topping-of-choice on the tags provided at her station.  They should write neatly as this will be presented to wedding guests.  Each guest will then fill her baggie with her topping-of-choice, zip it shut pressing out all of the air, double-check to make sure it’s closed, and beat it like crazy with the wooden spoon until crushed, and finally layer crumbs in one pan.  This creates an array of caramel apple selections for your favors.

As guests are crushing, you melt candy caramel in the microwave.  (About 2.5 minutes per 12 ounce bag).  Take each group of stations melted caramel.  While the caramel is hot, they dunk the apple and then twirl in topping.  They then will set the apples on the empty aluminum pan to set.  For a video demonstration, check out http://www.ehow.com/video_4006_make-caramel-apples.html.

After apples set, put in cellophane bag with stick coming out of opening.  Then put tag on ribbon and tie a two loop bow around the stick.  You can order personalized ribbon to make your favors extra special.

Pumpkin Pie Spice

The best part of this DIY favor is that you can make it ahead of time and store.  Plus it’s budget friendly.

2 cups ground cinnamon
1 cup ground ginger
5 tbsp ground cloves
2 tbsp ground nutmeg

Funnel above into cute jars and tie personalized ribbon with a tag that says “Love is the Spice of Life” on one side and Pumpkin Pie Spice on the other.

I’ve Fallen For Candy

Add orange, red and yellow food coloring seperately to white chocolate and pour in leaf molds.  Place candies in cellophane bags and write “Fallen For You” on the tag.

Or create a candy bar of orange, red, yellow, and brown candy.  Go to Goodwill and buy different size glass bowls and containers to display candy.  Clear plastic tongs and scoops can be found at party supply stores.  Clear plastic keeps the focus on the beautiful fall colors and is easier to handle than glass utensils.


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A New Year’s Wedding

What says New Years better than champagne?  So use it everywhere: champagne bridesmaids’ dresses, champagne sash on your dress, personalized flutes as favors, bubbles instead of birdseed, champagne looking bottles filled with bubble bath in the welcome bags, strawberries on the cake or chocolate coated on the tables.

So what champagne is best to serve? IF you’re looking for quality try this blog  http://www.thewinecellarinsider.com/2010/12/champagne-tips-holiday-buys-brad-baker/

IF you’re looking for dazzle, try MArtha Stewart’s Champagne Tower!

Are you looking for a simple but stunning idea for your reception? Try a glamorous Champagne tower. Aisha Thompson (Veuve Clicquot brand manager) and John Wyatt (Tentation Potel and Chabot event director) share tips on how to recreate one for your event.

Champagne Tower How-To
1. Start with a firm, solid base for your tower (a separate table is best, with spillage tray at the base or underneath to catch any overflow.)

2. Always use coupe Champagne glasses (retro rounded saucer cups), not flutes. All of the coupe glasses in the tower should be identical. Most party rental places will have coupe glasses on hand for weddings.

3. The tower is essentially made up of successively smaller layers of squares. For example, if the bottom layer is 10 glasses by 10 glasses, the layer above that would be nine by nine, the layer above that eight by eight, and so on.

4. Make sure each glass touches the surrounding glasses. When done right, you’ll see a diamond-shaped gap between each glass.

5. When building the next layer, center the stem of the glass over the diamond openings that were created by the layer below. Gingerly fill in the layer with glasses.

6. Repeat this assembly process until there is a single coupe glass on top.

7. Once fully assembled, begin slowly pouring Champagne from the the top glass and it will trickle downward. Larger-size Champagne bottles or magnums work best here.

8. If you’re using the tower for decorative purposes only, assemble and fill with Champagne before the celebration. Then have trays filled with fresh Champagne at the base or passed to your guests.  Read more at Marthastewartweddings.com: How To Build a Champagne Tower

Other ideas include using clock faces on your invitations, kisses (for midnight) can be the Hershey’s variety, and resolutions during the ceremony.

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If you’re looking to save money, friends and family will be glad to help.  However, you don’t want to stress and you don’t want your loved ones stressed out at the wedding either.  Think about it this way, anything that needs to be done the day of the wedding should not be done by you or your wedding party.  You and they need to be getting ready.  Also, somethings are just to important and need a professional.  Here’s my advice.
To hire:
Florist – unless you use silk, then you can make ahead of time
DJ – not only for the music but as the director of the reception
Pastor or Officiant
Tailor -if needed
To find volunteers:
Cake cutting – or ask the caterer to throw this in for free
Videographer – who really watches their wedding video anyway? J/K
Decorating reception hall
Driving bride and groom from church to reception
Tying ties and pinning corsages/bouts – if you hire a florist, he/she may do this for you
Take presents to car
Usher/Hostess pass out programs, greet guests, pass messages from officiant to bride, pass out bubbles
Six months in advance you can
Reserve ceremony site, dressing room and reception hall
Plan and reserve honeymoon
Send Save-The-Date cards
Shop for trausseur
Prepare invitations
Register on-line
Two months before
Create reception centerpieces (not fresh flowers though)
Send Invitations
Put together OOT bags
Buy wedding party gifts
Make favors
Two weeks before
Make-up trial run so you can buy new colors to match your present skin tone
Pack for honeymoon
6 days before
Mini facial
Manicure (do clear)
That day
Clear coat nails
Get dressed
Get your flowers
Pics with loved ones
Thank yous
Photo albums
Adjust to married life

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