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A printed or patterned fabric dress does not scream bridesmaid to me, but isn’t that what budget-conscious bridesmaids are screaming?  No more dresses that I can’t wear again! In this case, it’s a do.  With so many awesome cocktail dresses in holiday colors galore, why not mix it up even more and have different colors, different patterns, different sillouettes, but all coordinated with your wedding colors.  Photos will look more natural but still aesthetic.

The Blues Sisters

Carmen Marc Valvo’s peacock frock, ML Abstract floral, J. Crew navy cap sleeve, and Jones NY make a cool quartet.




J. Crew



Seeing red this holiday season?


Banana Republic


Ann Klein


White House Black Market



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Tea can be more than just a beverage; it can be your bridal shower theme.  Serve hot water and a variety of tea bags (make sure you have at least one decaffeinated variety).  Offer tea enhancers like candied ginger, lemon, honey, decorated sugar cubes,  cream and warm milk.  The menu can include small ham sandwiches, raisin scones, cinnamon cream cheese on sweet nut bread, and macaroons.  For an afternoon tea, only a spoon is required so plan your menu so that a knife and fork is not required.

Decorate with china tea cups.  Include the guests in the theme by asking them to wear hats. Finally, start a new tradition, and give the bride a special tea-cup and saucer to commemorate the event.  My friend gives a tea-cup for every life event.  I have a curio shelf full of memories now.

Want to add some punch to the party?  This Charleston Tea Punch serves 12.

1 cup brandy
lemons  (thinly sliced)
12 cup pineapple (sliced fresh)
1 cup green tea (brewed)
3/4  cup  sugar
12 cup dark rum
14 cup peach schnapps
2 cups sparkling water (chilled)
750 mls champagne (chilled)
1 Combine brandy and lemons in a large bowl. Cover and let stand at room temperature 24 hours.
2 Add pineapple to brandy mixture. Let stand 3 hours.
3 Combine brandy mixture, tea, and next 3 ingredients (through liqueur), stirring until sugar dissolves. Add sparkling water and Champagne, stirring gently until blended. Serve immediately.

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Is your Maid of Honor young, busy, out-of-town, or bossy? It’s hard enough to do a wedding yourself, especially without a supportive right hand woman. Here is a list of things you can plan with her ahead of time whenever you are able to get together. 

I. The Bridal Shower – Who? What? When? Where? and is it ok if other people throw you a shower too? Traditionally, the Maid of Honor throws the Bridal Shower for the Bride’s family, the Groom’s family and friends. But, in these times of anything goes, it’s important to ask your Maid of Honor about her expectations. When I got married the first time, I had a work shower, a family shower in Indiana, and a friends shower in Raleigh. Another friend of mine had one HUGE shower where all the out of town guests flew in rather than the bride flying out. Another friend’s Maid of Honor was very young and left the party planning to me. As a bride, it is your responsibility to ask the Maid of Honor if she wants exclusive rights to you, or if you are too busy planning your big day to be the middle “man,” send an e-mail to all your close friends, family, his family and co-workers introducing them to your Maid of Honor and her to them. That way, they can e-mail each other to plan and negotiate the upcoming events.

II. Dresses and colors – It’s your wedding, but I know you want your loved ones to look good, so think about, what color would look good on each person of my wedding party? how confidant am I in my opinion? where am I willing to compromise? Not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you, even about themselves, so prioritize your desires and give choices where you are willing to. Please heed this: it’s not the way it looked that ultimately matters to people but the way you treated them during the process. I’ve been to too many beautiful weddings where the bridesmaids never spoke to the bride again or for years or rarely after that. The reason you chose your Maid of Honor was to Honor her, so do ask her about her needs, but find ways to reach your dream wedding at the same time. One of my friends always wanted a Tiffany Blue wedding, but her Maid of Honor hated the idea of wearing Aqua Marines the Bride compromised and still used Tiffany Blue for everything except she had the girls wear gray/silver dresses with a Tiffany Blue sash.

III. Wedding Day Delegations – I STRONGLY suggest that you hire a ceremony coordinator for the big day. If you want to save money, don’t do it here. Think of it this way, without a wedding coordinator (whether provided by the place you reserve for the ceremony and the reception or hired) you are not only ticketing, baggage check, flight attendant, but pilot and BRIDE. Don’t you just want to be the bride? Your Maid of Honor also has to get herself ready and support you on that too. Talk to her about your expectations for her on the Big Day and seriously think about who outside of the wedding party and guests can serve you on that day.

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